Quality Custom Made Wooden Gates. Designed and fitted exactly to Your Requirements.

Unique Wooden Clad Gates Galvanised & Painted to last over 25 Years with Little Maintenance. Fully Automated or Manual.

custom made wooden gates

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-01
Wood Gate Ref: WG-01

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-02
Wood Gate Ref: WG-02

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-03
Wood Gate Ref: WG-03

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-04
Wood Gate Ref: WG-04

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-05
Wood Gate Ref: WG-05

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-06
Wood Gate Ref: WG-06

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-07
Wood Gate Ref: WG-07

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-08
Wood Gate Ref: WG-08

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-09
Wood Gate Ref: WG-09

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-10
Wood Gate Ref: WG-10

Hardwood Gate Ref: WG-11
Wood Gate Ref: WG-11

Solid wooden driveway gates with metal frames

The wooden clad driveway gates designed by NVF are set within a heavy-weight, sturdy steel frame that renders enhanced strength to the original wood gates. This design has been well received by our clients since it provides added security to the wooden gates along with the natural colour and finish.

Exclusive double wooden clad gate inserts in iron frames

We offer a stunning portfolio of wrought iron gates and wooden driveway gates for our clients. Check out the range with amazing names like Apollo, Icarus and more. Each and every gate constituting this collection has been made with lot of research, latest technology and extensive knowledge of the skilled craftsmen at our factory. The colour, design and the finish of the gates are unique and low on maintenance. There are ready made gates made of standard size measurements which you can buy directly or you can opt for customization of the gates which will be made according to particular measurements and design provided by you.

Metal entrance gates with wood infills

Our exclusive double gates for driveways come with hydraulic gate automation mechanism which makes the gate stronger to withstand any weather condition. As far as the timber is concerned, we have sourced Frake Hardwood from Africa which is the best in terms of durability. We vacuum treat the timbers at the time of sourcing it to remove moisture making the timber warp resistant. This timber is endorsed by the renowned Marks & Spencers which does not require any validation. It is then given a UV Protection coat and a glossed finish to enhance the look and quality. The outer frames are painted and galvanized to prolong their life. Hence, the timber we use is of best quality. You can request a free brochure and go through our products when you call us.

Hardwood Gates are normally used on a property for the sake of its safety and security from the unwanted people as well as other living beings along with defining the ownership of the house. But gates are more important than any other part of the house as they are the first thing viewed by any visitor to a house. Various types of gates are used in UK for a number of purposes but wooden gates are preferred than other gates not only for their long life but for their elegant looks also.

Most of the manufacturers of wooden gate inserts also provide strong support of steel frame to the make a heavy weight and long lasting gate from original timber. People in UK usually like this type of gates due to the additional safety provided to the wood and natural wooden finish and color to the gate.

Wooden Clad Driveway Gates

Wooden garden gates are popularly used to provide security to the garden alongwith improving its looks and privacy of its owner. These wooden gates are usually designed according to the design of the fencing to enhance the beauty of the garden. Usually manufacturers of wooden garden gates design them in a wide range of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary from which you can choose as per your choice as well as their suitability to your environment. Mostly they use time tested techniques to make popular hand made wooden garden gates. Various types of wood can be used for making garden gates depending upon the budget and style of the buyers. Every precaution is taken by them to give these gates a smooth and rebated edge finish for their long life.

Steel Gates with Wooden side gates

Wooden side gates are normally made by hand in UK by using time served making techniques including tenon, dowel and mortise to join their frames. It is important to be particular about the details of these gates as being side gates they are not less important than the main entrance gate for a house. Most of the times side gates are used to enter the house as main gates are normally used for special occasions or for entering car in the house. Some people also use wooden garden gates as side gates as they are almost similar in design and style but still you can customize their designs if you are installing wooden gates for garden as well as side gate.

Wooden gates for driveways

Wooden gates for driveways are also known as courtyard gates or traditional gates for the entrance of a house. These gates are usually decorated in various manners as people visiting to the property first of all see these gates. The style and condition of these gates reflect the personality and potential of the owner of the house. Various types of wooden driveway gates are popular in UK. Swing and sliding driveway gates are normally used for this purpose. Their strength is enhanced by mounting wooden planks on steel frame so that they can serve you for long time. Presently driveway gates with slam stiles and hanging stiles are popularly used so that they can be easily hung on its right or left.

Double hardwood gates

Wooden double gates are the first thing that a visitor to the house looks at before entering the premises. They also define the entirety as well as feel of ownership of the property. Though these gates are commonly used for entering the vehicles into the house but they are also used for various other purposes like a symbolic open arm welcome to the persons entering in the house. Double wooden gates are normally used to enclose the boundaries of a house, if it is fenced from all the other sides. They are usually decorated in an appealing manner as they reflect the taste and style of the owner of the house.

Wooden drive gate designs

Wooden gates are designed in a number of ways not only to provide safety and security to the house but also for enhancing its looks. Each and every design of these gates is finalized after much research alongwith using latest techniques. They are usually designed by the skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing units as they are exclusively manufactured with the features of low maintenance cost, smooth finish and colorful designs. Though several manufacturers provide ready-to-use gates for your house according to the purpose of their use as they are made with standard size measurements but if your gate is of some extraordinary size then you can also customize its design as per your requirements and taste.

Sliding steel gates with wood inserts

Sliding wooden gates are also used in a house in UK at various locations according to the availability of space to open the hanging gate. Gates of this type are normally used where space to open hanging gates is not properly available. They can be made as per the size needed by the house owner as they are normally made on order. They can be made of different kinds of wood according to the budget of the owner as well as its suitability with the other wooden fixtures used in the house. You can use oak, cedar or iroko wood for making the wooden sliding gates for your house as all of these woods are durable and good looking.

Made to measure metal gates with wood

Some of the manufacturers of wooden gates make them after taking measurement from the location. The gates of this type are usually made for the location with abnormal measurements. Most of them use latest as well as traditional techniques for making made to measurement gates from wood of various types. Western red Cedar, Scandinavian Red Wood as well as Siberian Larch is used for making various types of wooden gates for their durability and beautiful looks. You can make this type of gates by using wood according to your budget as they are available in a variety of price ranges.

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