Wooden Gates

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-01
Gate Ref: WG-01

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-02
Gate Ref: WG-02

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-03
Gate Ref: WG-03

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-04
Gate Ref: WG-04

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-05
Gate Ref: WG-05

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-06
Gate Ref: WG-06

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-07
Gate Ref: WG-07

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-08
Gate Ref: WG-08

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-09
Gate Ref: WG-09

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-10
Gate Ref: WG-10

Iron and Wooden Gate Ref: WG-11
Gate Ref: WG-11

North Valley Forge works hard to provide the best and strongest wooden gates

The wooden gates designed by North Valley Forge set within a heavy-weight, sturdy steel frame that renders enhanced strength to the original timber gates. This idea has been well received by our clients since it provides added security to the gates along with the natural colour and finish of wooden gates.

We offer a stunning portfolio of wooden gates for our clients. Check out the range with amazing names like Apollo, Icarus and more. Each and every gate constituting this collection has been made with lot of research, latest technology and extensive knowledge of the skilled craftsmen at our factory. The colour, design and the finish of the gates are unique and low on maintenance. There are ready made gates made of standard size measurements which you can buy directly or you can opt for customization of the gates which will be made according to particular measurements and design provided by you.

Our exclusive wooden gates come with hydraulic gate automation mechanism which makes the gate stronger to withstand any weather condition. As far as the timber is concerned, we have sourced Frake Hardwood from Africa which is the best in terms of durability. We vacuum treat the timbers at the time of sourcing it to remove moisture making the timber warp resistant. This timber is endorsed by the renowned Marks & Spencers which does not require any validation. It is then given a UV Protection coat and a glossed finish to enhance the look and quality. The outer frames are painted and galvanized to prolong their life. Hence, the timber we use is of best quality. You can request a free brochure and go through our products when you call us.