Quality Custom Made Wrought Iron Driveway Gates. Designed and fitted exactly to Your Requirements.

Unique Wrought Iron Gates Galvanised & Painted to last over 25 Years with very Little Maintenance.

  • andromeda bespoke gates
    Andromeda Custom Gate Design
  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite Custom Gate Design
  • Apollo
    Apollo Custom Wooden Gate Design
  • Athena
    Athena Custom Gate Design
  • Atlanta
    Atlanta Custom Gate Design
  • Eros
    Eros Custom Gate Design
  • Icarus
    Icarus Custom Wooden Gate Design
  • Medusa
    Medusa Custom Gate Design
  • Mercury
    Mercury Custom Gate Design
  • Orpheus
    Orpheus Custom Wooden Gate Design
  • Ulysses
    Ulysses Custom Gate Design
  • Venus
    Venus Custom Gate Design
  • Zeus
    Zeus Custom Wooden Gate Design
  • Henley
    Made to Measure Henley Iron Gates
custom made wrought iron gates
Due to the high demand for Bespoke Iron Gates Design and Custom Wrought Iron Driveway Gates, North Valley Forge have designed a brilliant range of Unique Wrought Iron and High End Wooden Gates.
Bespoke & Custom made wrought iron drieway gatesThe unique range of quality wrought iron gates manufactured by NVF includes 7 ornate styles suitable for different kinds of driveways. The very names of the categories spell beauty and perfection. The Aphrodite Iron Gate named after the Greek Goddess of beauty consist of masterpieces oozing beauty created by our skilled craftsmen. The Venus range epitomizes beauty and perfection. These two collections have been exceptionally well received by our clients and have earned us accolades.

Followed by the above mentioned collections are the Andromeda and the Eros Gates. Representing two completely different aspects, these two collections offer flawless specimens that will add glamour to your home. Mercury, Athena and Atlanta are the other 3 equally exceptional collections. In keeping with the names, you will find that our design team has done a fantastic job with the designs while not compromising on the functionality of the gates. Our skilled craftsmen are capable of casting the metal to any shape and design created by our designers. Hence, the designer iron gates we offer are absolutely unmatched in their appeal.

We have supplied our superior quality iron gates designed with emphasis on security, style and convenience to entire UK and Ireland. For superior access control and electric gates, we work with some of the most efficient names in the industry. We offer a blend of functionality and style to our clients and have created a niche for us in the same. To view our masterpieces in real, drop by our showroom in Nelson, Lancashire, and Birmingham across from the West Bromwich Albion football stadium.


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